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Your Personal Step-by-Step Guide to Wedding Planning

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Wedding Planning & Timeline

Your Personal Step-by-Step Guide to Wedding Planning

There is so much planning that goes into weddings and I feel like if I went into a rabbit hole I could quite literally talk for days on end about possibilities. It’s so fun because I get to work with every kind of style, timeline, budget, and person here at Desert Boho. I have a few phases that I like to work through and for the sake of ease in this blog, let’s say I’m working with a couple who is planning a 12-month engagement.

I like to call my first phase the “VIP” phase, because this is when you’ll secure the venue and the most high-dollar, in-demand vendors (and yes friends, you need to book them at least a year in advance). So, who is an in-demand vendor? This is going to be your person that needs to be physically present on wedding day for an extended period so think photographer, videographer, band/DJ, officiant, caterer, and florist. There are a few other things I like to work with my couples on in this phase as well like travel documents, wedding attendants, hotel accommodations, attire, wedding websites and so much more in between – and if you’re feeling overwhelmed just by reading this, then you definitely need a little Desert Boho in your life! We’ve got this process down and know how to take so much pressure off you.

Before we jump into phase two, let me remind you (again) that this is what we do. We are experts in this coordinated chaos and really love the process. Is it totally doable on your own? For sure! But we are here to take all the coordination and anxiety away from you so you can focus on what’s important, and that’s marrying the love of your life.

Ok, phase two. Glitter and Gold! Here, we’re going to focus on aesthetics. Think: stationary, rentals, cake, makeup, hair, party favors, transportation, and lots more as well. It’s those little things that if you’re doing this yourself, you’d most likely think of about 2 weeks before the big day (it’s okay, that’s what we’re here for) – but don’t worry, we got you! This is such an important phase because there’s a lot of date setting and coordination with vendors to secure those time slots – if you’re wanting trial runs or samples, this is the time to make sure everything you pick is what you really, truly like (and would recommend to others). For example, your heart says go with carrot cake, but when you get to the cake shop and try it, you don’t like it at all! Huge bummer but this is a great time to sample and love what you’re providing your guests. Here’s another great example: in your mind (and your pinterest board) you’re wanting an all-natural, glamorous makeup look for the big day. If you don’t schedule a trial makeup run, your makeup artist could show up on your big day and do the smokiest eye you’ve ever seen along with a big, bold red lip. Not exactly what you were going for, and now it’s too late to wipe it all off and start again. Had there been a trial day, you’d be able to work out those kinks.

Lastly, the “wrap-up” phase. This is where we like to tie everything up in a pretty bow and ensure everything is ready to go. Think: final food choices are in, final site visits, competing vendor contracts, invitations done and ready to be mailed, décor instruction and every little, small detail. We have so many things on our checklist for this phase that we won’t include them here but would be happy to discuss with you over the phone!

We’ll be with you every step of the way and can assure you that we are just as invested in your big day as you are – we are here to make your day (and year leading up to it) perfect. If (and when) you’re ready for a consultation, give us a shout! We’d be happy (and honored) to get to know you and your person on a deeper level and see how we can help make your day perfect. We can’t wait to talk to you!

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