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The Perfect Picnic

We are pumped to write this blog on Luxury Picnics this week because truly, this is the bread and butter of our business and is truly what started it all; it is still one of our favorite services provided. Here’s a little on why.

When people ask us why they should have a picnic, we feel like our heads are going to start spinning with potential. It’s hard for us not to break out and say every single event that picnics can be used for (and sometimes, let’s be real, we do). These picnics can be used for every event under the sun (or the moon honestly) so think of: bridal showers, bachelorette parties, date nights out, date nights in, telling your husband you’re pregnant, proposals, girls nights, work events, appreciation dinners…..and so many more! Literally any kind of event would work here and that’s what we love so much about it, there is so much versatility.

Ideally, we like to have 2-16 people at these picnics and if you’re like, wow, that’s a big range! Then awesome! That’s exactly what we want it to be because that way, it’s so customizable and such a wide-open canvas for creativity. We’ve had everyone from couples to big families at our picnics and we can tell you one thing, there is always laughter and there is always happiness (which is what we’re all about).

We get the question all the time from our clients of what our favorite picnic memories are and without a shadow of a doubt, we always say proposals. This is such a special moment between two people who are ready to spend the rest of their lives together; to be part of that is nothing we take for granted or take lightly. We take our job very seriously of making this day or night absolutely perfect for you and your people and we’re honored to do it. There’s truly nothing more special to watch than a man (or woman) getting down on one knee with linens floating in the breeze, a gorgeous dinner on the table and a beautiful sunset behind him. Once you see it, it’s forever engrained in your mind. We are so honored to share these special moments with you.

You know from our first blog that our business was created from this idea, picnics! We pulled pieces of décor from our own home to make our first ever beach picnic just to see if we could, and looking back, we are so proud that we took that leap. We literally loaded up our car and headed to the beach to see what we could make happen and it was magical – it was so beautiful, and it was from that moment on we knew what we wanted to do in our live.

Now though, with time and patience it’s turned into so much more than we ever could have imagined. Now we have any different options for these picnics and are so much more knowledgeable in every sense. We love putting these events on for you and hope that when your special day comes up, you think of us.

Shoot us an email or visit our website to book – you’ll be so glad you did, and you’ll know that just as much as you will remember your special day, we will too!

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