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Partnering Big Events with Your Brand

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Event Specialist, Christina Loya, walks us through creating branded events to boost sales and engage with your target market.

Grand openings were once celebrated with large red banners and maybe a few balloons. Today, with the culture of social media and constant photo documentation, it’s crucial that each business event is noteworthy. Whether your business is making its grand entrance or you are introducing a new service to your client base, creating top-notch experiences for your clientele is important.

Desert Boho Event Specialist, Christina Loya, shares her secrets to creating compelling and brand-consistent events that will excite your community about your business.

Creating a Specialized Experience

It’s not enough to offer boxed donuts on a folding table during a time when everything is documented, and people are craving fun and inviting experiences. Today, it’s important for business owners to consider how they want their current and potential clientele to feel when they encounter their brand.

Creating a client experience is the key to any small business event. So, we asked our in-house event guru to fill us in.

Christina, how do you create a client experience?

Her response: “Instead of thank you and holiday cards, I’m thinking of private holiday dinners for top clientele or branded parties, events, and small gatherings. It’s all about experiences.”

Desert Boho Events wants each branded experience to feel authentic and unique to each business, and their location makes that even more feasible. Companies looking to hold outdoor events during late-fall or early-winter months find Lake Havasu is the perfect location for a branded picnic.

Christina notes how trendy branded picnics have become, and for a good reason! You can marry excellent views with atmospheric dining experiences, all while keeping your branding at the center.

Ok, we never say no to a good party, but how do you keep it ‘on brand’?

Branding is all in the details. For example, photo booths provide a great branding opportunity. Desert Boho makes custom-branded backdrops for each business, and photobooths are always popular among the crowd. Photo booths allow attendees to get silly, move, and stay engaged throughout an event.

It’s not just about pasting logos everywhere, though. Your event specialist will consider color schemes, menus, party favors, and activities that fit your brand's image.

Whether you want your brand to be associated with glamour and upscale events or fun and rich creative experiences, your Desert Boho event specialist understands how to relate it to your business identity.

But do business events really work?

Yes! You just need to work your event. Obtaining email addresses, running polls, and getting feedback from your clientele will help you better understand your target market and what makes them tick before planning an event.

Extending invitations to the right people is also a large part of making your event work for your business. Adding social media influencers to your guest list and creating partnerships with influential event sponsors are also ways of creating more engagement.

Holding consistent quarterly, bi-annual, or annual events can create intrigue and notoriety. You want people saying, “I can’t wait for next year's holiday event!” or “I’m bringing my bestie next time!”

Is it too late to schedule a holiday event?

No! It’s not too late to schedule a holiday event. Now is the perfect time to organize a pop-up picnic or start planning a holiday party for your clientele or staff. Make it memorable and make it brand-consistent by booking a consultation with Desert Boho Events today!

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